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A good curler is better than a thousand trips to a barber's

Every woman who wants to change her hairstyle occasionally should have a curler. Here, I'll show you how to buy the perfect curling stick. Find out what kind of perm you should look for, the length of your hair and the best brand.

Make sure your curling stick is a ceramic perm that conducts heat more evenly than metal. Ceramic permers (which also apply to flat-bottomed permers) also do not cause curling or damage, because they release negative ions and prevent hair from static and curling. Because the temperature of the curler can reach 250 degrees, the damage to hair is very great. Buy a curler with an adjustable heat disc to avoid setting the highest heating temperature. Medium is enough. The good news is that you can find high quality ceramic perms with heating plates at any price.

What kind of barrel suits you best? Curling bars also have barrels of different sizes. You can choose the most suitable barrel for your curly hair. Smaller curls produce tighter curls, which is good for defining curly hair. The barrel creates medium curls and works with all hair textures. The largest curlers are used in various shapes, including fluffy curls, large curls and beach waves. If you have curly hair, you can use a curling bar to define your already curly hair. Use a 3/8-inch curling stick to create a tight curl on top of your head to match the tighter curls on top. Focus on curling your hair around your face, and don't miss out on the back. You can alternate between this small curler and a larger one (about 1/2 - 1 inch) to make it look more natural. Use higher heating settings to produce tighter curls.

For tighter curls, you can use 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch barrels. You need a higher heat setting to tighten curls. To achieve this effect, curl in an area about 1/2 inch wide. Place the end of each part in the perm and curl along the curler barrel. Hold for 3-4 seconds, then relax gently. Don't touch those little rings, or you will lose its definition.

In the past few years, beach wavy hairstyles have been one of the most popular. This kind of fluffy curly hair just blown from the beach is most suitable for straight and curly hair. You can simply dry your hair with salt spray and roll it up when it's drying, so there's beach waves. Or, if you don't have time, you can use a 1-1/4 inch curling stick. For the most natural-looking curls, if you want to look effortless, you need a curling bar at least 1.5 inches in diameter. If your hair is very thin and can't curl for long periods, you can use an inch hairpin.

If your curls can be combed into large, loose waves, choose 2-3 inches based on the length of your hair (the longer your hair is, the bigger it curls). You can use lower settings to set loose curls. Use styling products. If you use curlers, you should use styling products first. This product can prevent curling and straight curling. But most importantly, the product will protect hair from the heat of the perm.

If you use a curling iron regularly, be sure to use conditioner. If your hair is damaged or dry, cut off the damaged hair before using the curler. Do not hold the curler for too long, or you will lose more. A good hair curler is better than a thousand barber shop trips, you deserve it!


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