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Big wave perm features and tutorials

Large waves can expand the face shape, and women with thick hair should not roll the top of the head and the hair ends. If the front hair is short, then
Only half a roll, forming a natural wave. After a period of wave rolling, loosely develop the roll, comb it with a large comb or finger, and then shape it with a hair spray. [1]
Wheat spikes wild
This hair style is characterized by the thickest hair. First, make sure that the head is rotated and start from the inside of the hair and the roots. The key is not to roll a lot of hair at once.
Drooping natural curls
Make natural curls with a curling iron. Only when the hair is completely dry, the curls can be done well and the damage to the hair is small. Starting from the distance of 10cm from the hair roots, only the hair is sparsely scattered and spreads to the sides to form natural and fresh curly hair.
Cute curly hair hanging to the shoulder
Suitable for long hair with a long shoulder. Use a hair curler to make all the hair into a large flower, and roll the large roll in the middle, then use the hairpin to fix the front hair.
The first point of using the curling iron: hair care If you just use the electric curling rod after washing your hair, first apply the repairing essence evenly to apply the hair, the amount can only be less and less, supplement the hair nutrition, and then use the rinse-free hair care. It is a small amount evenly distributed at the end of the hair to prevent heat damage and make the hair smooth and rough, and increase the brightness of the hair.
Step 2: Allow the hair curler to warm up for 1 minute, at the same time, comb the hair straight and divide it into one. One hand splits the hair and the other hand pulls the handle of the curler and clamps the hair ends. The second point of using a curling iron: hair partitions Many people don't know how to roll the back hair, and the hair partition can help the hair behind the roll. First, first face the mirror, first divided into two parts, the first half is to tie or clip the hair before the left and right ears; the second half of the hair is divided into two layers, then divided into two, so divided into six District, people with more hair or more layers, can be divided into several layers.
Step 3: Roll the hair up, do not move after the volume is rolled, wait for the hair to heat for about 15 seconds (the time can be mastered by yourself, because the hair quality of each person is different.)
The third key point of using the curling iron: the tail is the key to divide the six areas and start from the bottom layer (both left and right). First grab the hair bundle and use the middle finger and index finger to flatten the hair bundle. The clip is outward, and then the hair bundle is clamped from the end of the hair. Be sure to remove it from the hair tail. The hair tail cannot be exposed from the electric roll. If the tail is not completely wound, the shape will be very unnatural. And it will be chaotic. The clip starts to roll up the hair in the clockwise direction, and stops for about 20 seconds when it is rolled to the bottom of the hair. If you want to keep the curling lasting or the roll can be stopped for a long time, the hair is rolled up in half and the hair is scattered from the electric roll. The volume is then completed from the bottom up, one district and one district.
Step 4: Then loosen the hair slightly, loosen the handle, and take the curler out. Be careful here, otherwise the shape will be destroyed. The fourth focus of using a curling iron: the pursuit of natural effects When finishing the hair bundle, you can put the electric roll down, the effect is better. Finishing the hair; when you roll it up, the left and right sides will sometimes be unbalanced. It doesn't matter. It's too symmetrical and sometimes weird. It's natural. If the curling of some areas is not obvious, it is because the hair has been layered, so when the hair of other areas is rolled down, the small part is not obvious or the curl is not obvious, so you don't have to care during the process. Of course, if you care about it, you can re-roll it.
After the second half of the hair is rolled up, the hair on the left and right sides of the front half is the same in the way of using the electric wand, but when the electric wand is held upright, the star-like light and elegant feeling can be rolled out.
Step 5: The fourth focus of the finished product using the electric wand: After the final styling and finishing, all the hands are put into the hair and slightly fiddled to give a natural fluffy feeling. Use a brightening liquid to make your hair rough and add luster, or use wax to boost your flu. If you want to last a little, you can spray the fog, but the overall shape will be slightly stiffer. Liu Hai sees personal needs micro-volume or straight.

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