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Do you have the right hair dryer?

Hairdryer has been a necessary small household appliance. There are many brands of hairdryer in the market, and we can't choose them. Good hair dryer can nourish hair, while bad hair dryer may cause hair loss, manic and other problems. So how do we choose the hair dryer?
1. Double ion moistening, blowing and moistening
A common problem with hair dryer is that the nutrients of wet hair are easily evaporated by high temperature hot wind, and the hair will gradually become dry and easy to break. However, water ion hair dryer can produce negative ions during operation, which has the magical effect of moisturizing and moistening hair. The hair blown out in this way feels delicate and smooth, and it's very easy to take care of.
2. Refuse to radiate and keep your hair healthy
As a member of household appliances, hair dryer will certainly have radiation when it is used. Although the current research shows that it is not harmful to human body, it still has an impact after all. If you have babies and pregnant women at home, or if you want to blow your hair healthily, try using a low radiation hair dryer.

3. Not only dry hair, but also blow for modeling
Delicate girls in the barber shop will find that hair dried by the hair dryer is always fluffy and stylish, and the color is more soft and bright. This kind of effect, on the one hand, is related to the angle and technique of hair blowing, on the other hand, it is closely related to the hair dryer itself.


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