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Hair styling methods of various kinds of hair

How to blow with long straight hair
First, use a towel to dry the water in the hair without mousse. Comb the hair with a coarse tooth comb. When using a hair dryer to dry the hair, lower your head to make the hair stand upright. Then, when using the hair dryer, use the roller brush to straighten the hair, make the hair round and regular, and make the hair elastic and glossy.
Air diffuser should be equipped on the air duct: if you are not skilled in technology and like to blow your own style, you should equip the air duct with an air diffuser to make the hot air evenly spread out, so as to reduce the damage to the hair. In this way, you can blow straight the hair, and the heating surface is wider.
To form a flowing wind: when drying your hair, try to let the hot air flow. Pay special attention not to let the hair bear the non flowing heat temperature above 80 ℃, and the temperature of the flowing wind shall not exceed 120 ℃. Overheated temperature will destroy the fibrin of the hair, making the hair dry and inelastic.

How to blow short hair
Hair blowing technique: use the roller brush to "grasp" the hair strand by strand, use the hot air modeling, and then use the cold wind to fix it, the hair will become fluffy and light. Or, instead of combing by hand, spray some hair glue on the root, blow down the hot air, make the hair ventilate, and let the root lift up. Let the hair tip slightly up: first apply perm solution on the hair tip and use curling cylinder to roll up the hair to soften the hair, then blow hot air; then use wire brush to smooth the hair, use curling cylinder or perm pliers to turn the hair tail inward or outward and use mousse or hair gel to set the hair.
Hairdryer should be layered: hairdryer, especially short hair, should start from the bottom of the hair. First, clip up the outer hair. The inner hair is divided into several groups. One group of hair must be dried, and then another group. If the hair is not dried completely, it will also affect the shape.
How to blow long curly hair
First, apply styling products on the hair to lay a good foundation for curling. Turn the hair to one side and blow it dry from top to bottom with a blower; then turn the hair to the other side and blow it dry with a blower. Finally, when the hair starts to dry, put the hair in front of the face and continue to blow, at this time, you will feel that the hair starts to loosen and float.
Don't blow against your hair: when finishing your hair, hold up the hair dryer. Blow it from top to bottom along the direction of hair scales, and the hair will show luster.

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