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How to choose a hair dryer?

In daily life, people with long hair have higher requirements for hair dryer. The trouble with long hair is that the hair is dry slowly. They have been buzzing with the hair dryer for more than ten minutes. It's still wet.
It's not easy to blow your hair dry, especially in winter. It's so annoying.

It's very important to have a good hair dryer at this time!
Ideally, it can blow dry the hair quickly without damaging the hair, and it can also make some simple shapes.
Next, share how to buy a good hair dryer according to the above three points.

1、 How can I work fast?
If you want to dry fast, the power should not be too small, because the air volume and heat of the hair dryer have a lot to do with the power. Users with long hair are advised to buy more than 1800W models.
Do not listen to 1200 W or more is enough, blow hair slowly!
2、 How to protect hair quality?
Hair dryer can not be separated from these words: constant temperature, negative ion, nano water ion.

1. Let's talk about the constant temperature function
The temperature adjustment of the hair dryer is generally divided into three gears: high temperature, medium temperature and cold wind. The high temperature gear is fast in drying, but it will damage the hair quality if used for a long time. The cold wind gear is mainly used for modeling.
The key to constant temperature lies in the middle temperature range, which will control the temperature at a temperature that is capable of hair and will not harm hair quality. There will be differences in the constant temperature performance of various brands, such as Panasonic constant temperature control at 50 ℃, Philips at 57 ℃, and tescom at 60 ℃.
It is not recommended to buy an unknown brand hair dryer, because the temperature control is not reliable, and the hair quality will become very poor after a long time.
2. Anion function
Negative ion is the most practical function of hair dryer. It is suggested that there must be negative ion in choosing hair dryer. It can solve two problems.
One is that the hair will not be twisted when it has more negative electricity, which is relatively smooth and easy to comb. The other is that the negative ion will neutralize the positive electricity and the hair will not explode. It is really practical!
3. Nano water ion
The official propaganda is that the nano water ion is very small and can easily penetrate into the interior of the fiber, providing moisturizing, water locking and other effects for the hair. It sounds great, but in fact, there is no experiment to prove that it can really moisturize and lock water.
You can think of it as an advanced version of the negative ion function. Maybe it has a higher concentration of negative ions, so the hair is smoother and the effect of removing static electricity is better.

Three, which kind of hair dryer can be simply shaped?
It's more convenient to make a shape without dispersing the air volume.
Second, see if there is a key to switch between warm and cold air. Warm air makes hair fluffy, and then it can be quickly shaped when it is cold.

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