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How to use a curling stick? Precautions for using curling stick

Straight hair gives a feeling of being able and strong, while curly hair gives a feeling of being gentle and charming. Most women make their hair DIY into different shapes. When you want to have straight hair, you can straighten it. When you want to change the style but still like straight hair, you can use the curling stick to DIY curling hair, so that your shape can change a lot! Today, Xiaobian will take you to know how to use the curling stick and the notes on using the curling stick! Let's have a look!
I. usage of curling stick
1. We need the help of a curling stick to create fashionable curly hair. Spread our long hair naturally on both sides of the shoulder, and then prepare our curling stick. When buying the curling stick, it must be of good quality, otherwise it will cause great damage to the hair.
2. We can choose a curling stick that can adjust the temperature, and then adjust the temperature to the first gear of 200 degrees. If the hair quality of the beauties is fragile, it's better to adjust it to a lower temperature.
3. In order to prevent the high temperature from causing more damage to our hair, we need to spray some isolation water before using the curling stick, so that the damage to our hair can be greatly reduced.
4. After the front work is done, then use our hot curling stick to pick up a strand of hair for curling and perm. Don't let the hair be too thick or it will be difficult to have a good effect. The hair volume must be moderate.

II. Precautions for use of curling stick
1. Pay attention to adjust the temperature well, and do not touch the heating body with hands to avoid scalding.
2. It can be used after the hair is dry. It is not easy to curl it when it is wet
3. Not too much hair should be grabbed each time. If too much hair is curled at one time, it will affect the hair retention effect.
4. When rolling the hair, start from the bottom hair, and the top hair can be tied up first, layer by layer. If the amount of hair is not very large, you can also start from the two sides of the hair to make a small curl.
5. Start curling after the hair stick is hot through. The curling time should not be too long, otherwise it will hurt the hair.
6. If you want your hair to look good, you must have a sense of hierarchy. No layers of hair, how can not roll good-looking oh. Xiaobian suggests that you go to the salon to have your hair cut.


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