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How to use curling sticks and precautions

Many girls ignore their hair styles because they are cold in winter. Many girls are long straight hairs. Although they look good, are they too tired? Then as long as you have a curling iron in your hand, you will be able to Create beautiful curls.
We need the help of a curling iron to create a popular fashion curly hair. Spread our long hair naturally on both sides of the shoulder, and then prepare our curly hair stick. The curling iron must be of good quality when purchased. Yes, otherwise it hurts a lot of hair.
We can choose a curling iron that can adjust the temperature, and then adjust the temperature to a level of 200 degrees. If the hair quality of the girls is relatively fragile, it is better to adjust to a lower temperature.
In order not to let the high temperature cause more damage to our hair, we need to use some isolation water to spray some before using the curling iron, which can greatly reduce the damage to our hair.
After the previous work is done, then use our hot curling rods to pick up a strand of hair for the curling of the hair. Don't let the hair get too thick or it will be difficult to have a good effect. The hair volume must be moderate.
If you like a big roll, you can wrap a few laps along the curling iron. If you want to curl more densely, you can wrap it a few more times, depending on your preference.
We have to start curling from one side first. If we have already set the curvature of the curl, we must keep it consistent. The effect will be consistent and full, and it looks natural and generous.
The other side is also built in the same way, and then spread with your fingers, this can be more natural, be careful not to comb with a fine-toothed comb, so it will be difficult to see. Then spray a spray with a slightly qualitative effect.
Twisting two bilateral ponytails, you can immediately show the girl's charming temperament. If the crush does not like to tie it up, it can be spread out, it is also very beautiful. Perfect, you can create such a beautiful at home. The volume is big, have you acted?
1, pay attention to adjust the temperature, do not touch the trigger hot body, to avoid burns.
2, after the hair is dry, use it again. When it is wet, it is not easy to roll up with hair.
Tool curl
3, the hair should not be too much for each time, if the hair is too much at one time, it will affect the hair retention effect.
4, when rolling hair, starting from the bottom of the hair, the hair above can be tied up, layer by layer. If the amount of hair is not too much, you can also start a small roll of hair from both sides of the hair.
5. After the hair is hot, start curling again. The curling time should not be too long, otherwise it will hurt the hair.
6. If you want your hair to look good, your hair must have a layered look. No layer of hair, how can the volume not look good. Xiaobian suggested that you go to the hair salon to trim a long hair.
7. Choose the curling stick suitable for the model (the diameter of the curling iron), 28MM, 32MM, 33MM, 38MM can all roll out the effect of large waves. The larger the number, the larger the volume will be rolled out, but the bigger the number is, the more the volume is rolled out. The easier it is. This needs to be chosen according to your own hair.

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