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Let me show you the working principle of household electric hair dryer

The electric blower directly drives the rotor by the motor to drive the blades to rotate. When the blades rotate, the air is drawn in from the air inlet, and the resulting centrifugal air flow is blown out from the front mouth of the air duct. When the air passes through, if the heating wire installed on the heating bracket in the air nozzle has been electrified and becomes hot, the hot air will be blown out; if the selection switch does not electrify the heating wire, the cold air will be blown out. Home hair dryer is to achieve the purpose of drying and shaping. The selection switch on the hair dryer handle is generally divided into three gears, i.e. off gear, cold wind gear and hot wind gear, and is attached with white, blue and red signs. The handle of some blowers is also equipped with a motor speed regulating switch to select the size of air volume and the temperature of hot air. The back or side of the shell of various kinds of hair dryer is equipped with a rotatable circular air adjusting cover, which can be rotated to adjust the cross-section size of the air inlet, so as to adjust the conveying wind speed and the temperature of the hot air.

According to the way of use, there are hand-held and pedestal blowers. The pedestal hair dryer can be put on the table or hung on the wall for use, and can blow for yourself.
According to the way of air supply, there are centrifugal blower and axial-flow blower. The centrifugal type relies on the motor to drive the blades to rotate, so that the air entering the blower can obtain the inertial centrifugal force and exhaust air continuously. Its disadvantage is that the exhaust air does not flow through the motor completely, so the temperature of the motor is higher; the advantage is that the noise is lower.
The axial-flow motor drives the blades to rotate, pushes the air entering the blower to flow axially, and continuously exhausts the air outwards. Its advantage is that all the exhaust air flows through the motor, the motor has good cooling conditions, and the insulation is not easy to age; its disadvantage is that the noise is large.
According to the materials used in the shell, there are metal type blowers and plastic type blowers. The metal blower is durable and can withstand high temperature. Plastic hair dryer is light in weight, good in insulation, but easy to aging, and poor in high temperature resistance.

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