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The right way to blow hair with a hair dryer

1. Pay attention to the power number
The higher the power, the higher the temperature and speed of the blower. It's that simple. Low power hair dryers use high temperature to bake hair, evaporate the moisture in the hair, and the hair becomes drier instead.
The high-power hair dryer can quickly dry the hair and reduce the damage as much as possible. Professional stylists generally recommend hair dryers of more than 1800 watts, so as to get the fastest dry hair speed.
2. Partition hair
It's easier to blow your hair in sections. Think about how hairdressers in salons use hair dryers to keep their hair from hurting? First, tie the upper hair to the top of the head and blow dry the lower hair. Then put down the wet hair on the top of the head, and then blow dry one by one. You can do this when you are at home, otherwise you will find that the hair on the surface is very dry, but the hair roots inside are still very wet.
3. Blow the roots first
Don't blow the ends first, the water from the roots will make you do no work. Blow dry the hair roots first, then the hair ends, or let the hair ends air dry naturally, so as to minimize the damage of the hair dryer.
4. When blowing hair, you should choose the angle
Long hair uses the skill of full mouth air supply, short hair or the part near the root uses the skill of half mouth air supply. When blowing, keep a distance of about 10cm between the air vent and the hair. Meanwhile, use your fingers to smooth the hair while blowing. Be careful not to let the hot air stay on the hair of one part for too long.
Moreover, the hair scales of wet hair are open. Blowing along the direction of hair growth will make the hair scales close. If blowing backward, the hair scales will open, and the more you blow, the more fidgety. But it should be noted that do not blow the hair tip first. The water infiltrated by the hair root will make you do useless work. Blow the hair root dry first, then blow the hair tip, or let the hair tip dry naturally, so as to minimize the damage of the hair dryer.
5. Keep the air duct away from the scalp
Keep the hair dryer 15cm away from the hair to avoid touching the hair. Too close to the hair can cause heat damage.
6. The direction of blowing is particular
If you want to blow silky hair, remember to blow the hair dryer in the direction of hair scales. The growth and closing direction of hair scale is the hair tip, that is to say, your hair dryer should blow the hair from top to bottom. The reverse blowing will open the hair scale and make the hair feel rough.
On the contrary, if you want your hair to be fluffy, bend down and pull all your hair forward, then blow it back with a hair dryer, and then comb it with a flat comb. The hair volume can be doubled immediately!
7. Different nozzles for different hair styles
General hair dryer will be equipped with two kinds of nozzles. The utility model relates to a flat head air collecting nozzle which can blow out long, smooth and straight hair, and a soft wavy curl can be blown out with a rolling comb; the other round air diffuser is suitable for blowing permed curly hair, and can maintain the curliness and fluffness of curly hair.

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