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What are the elements of Hair clipper selection?

Although they are called hairdressers, they are different,
According to
Cutter head material
Motor power
Battery type
Fine adjustment of cutter head
Waterproof grade
Noise level
Charging mode
body material
Look at these configurations.
1. Cutter head material:Titanium gold, ceramics

Most of them are popular. Here are the advantages and disadvantages:
Titanium head: sharp, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, high price, high noise in friction process.
Ceramic cutter head: compared with titanium alloy fine steel cutter head, it is more wear-resistant and has smaller sound, so it can be said to have noise reduction effect.

2. Motor speed: in minutes, most of them are 4000, 5000, 6000 in the market. For children's haircuts, you can choose those with more than 4000 revolutions. For adults, you can choose those with more than 5000 revolutions as much as possible. If the hair is hard, you can choose those with more than 6000 revolutions. If the speed is less than 5000, it is likely to get stuck. The sudden tingling will make you feel worse. So you must pay attention to it when you choose, or you will regret it!

3. Battery type:
lithium battery
Ordinary battery.
Lithium battery has no memory in charge and discharge, fast charge and slow discharge, and its endurance is better than ordinary battery. The greater the current, the longer the endurance.
Under the same conditions, the endurance of lithium battery is longer, and friends who often travel and travel are preferred.

4. Fine adjustment of cutter head:
There are more 0.5-2.5mm in the market. For friends who want to cut the oil head and make various precise shapes, this configuration is just needed.
It doesn't matter if you don't need it. Your best friend should follow your own requirements.

5. Waterproof grade:
The blade is washed with water,
Wash all over,
Ipx7 / 8 / 9 waterproof
After the haircut, there will be hair in the barber. It's hard to clean it and it will be stuck in every corner. If the cutting head can be disassembled, it will be clean after flushing directly in the water. The most convenient thing is to wash the whole body with water. When cleaning, you don't need to dismantle the knife head, wash it directly or soak it to keep it clean.

6. Limit comb
For novice, limit comb is just needed, otherwise it is easy to overturn, novice must pay attention.
When using, you can first use 18mm to trim the head, then use 9mm to push around, and then use 6mm to push the neck to the upper part. Finally, trim some details, sideburns, basically.

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