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What kind of shaver is it? What kind of shaver is it

You should be very familiar with shavers. They use shaving tools. There are many kinds of shavers, including electric shavers, manual shavers, etc. different kinds of shavers have different use methods, advantages and disadvantages, etc. so when choosing a shaver, you should also choose it according to the actual situation. The shaver is not absolutely good or not. Only the shaver that suits you is the best. When choosing a razor, we also need to master certain methods so that we can choose a suitable one. Today, Xiaobian will introduce the types of razors to you.

What's a good razor
A shaving device. It belongs to self-service tool, which is mostly used by adult men. The shaver can be divided into three categories according to its structure: safety shaver, electric shaver and mechanical shaver.

What's a good razor - types of razors
Safety scraper: it consists of blade and hoe. The tool holder is made of aluminum, stainless steel, copper or plastic; the blade is made of stainless steel and carbon steel. In order to be sharp and durable, the blade is usually coated with metal or chemical coating. When in use, the blade is installed on the tool holder and the handle of the tool holder is grasped for shaving. There are two kinds of safety scraper, one is to install a double-edged blade on the tool holder; the other is to install two single-edged blades on the tool holder. When shaving with the former shaver, the user needs to adjust the contact angle between the blade edge and the beard to ensure the shaving effect. The handle of the latter tool holder is longer, and the blade is installed on the tool holder in parallel in upper and lower layers. During shaving, the head of the tool holder can rotate on the pivot of the upper part of the tool holder with the change of the face shape, so that the blade edge can maintain a good shaving angle; moreover, after the front blade pulls out the root of the beard, it is cut off from the root by the rear blade. This kind of shaver is cleaner and more comfortable than the former.

Electric shaver: the electric shaver is composed of stainless steel mesh cover, internal blade, micro motor and shell. The net cover is a fixed external blade, on which there are many holes, and the beard can be extended into the holes. The micromotor is driven by electric energy, which drives the inner blade to act. Based on the principle of shearing, the beard that extends into the hole is cut off. Electric shaver can be divided into rotary and reciprocating type according to the action characteristics of internal blade. The power supply used includes dry battery, battery and AC charging.
Mechanical shaver: use mechanical energy storage mechanism to drive blade to shave. There are two types. One is equipped with a rotator inside, which uses the spring to store energy. When the spring is released, it makes the rotator rotate at a high speed to drive the blade to shave; the other is equipped with a gyroscope inside, which is wrapped with a cable and pulled to drive the blade to shave.
Today, there are so many kinds of razors and methods of selection introduced by Xiaobian to you. I believe you have a certain understanding of the selection and types of razors. When choosing a razor, you may wish to consider these methods introduced by Xiaobian to you. In fact, the use of razors is very simple. Different kinds of razors use different methods, so when you use a razor, you must use it according to the actual situation. If you want to know more about the maintenance methods of the shaver, you can get more information online.


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