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Beauty Care 3 in 1 lady epilator


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product details

  • 3 in 1 lady epilator with shaving and callus remover head
  • Callus remover is an innovative device that uses customized rollers to help you quickly and easily
    buff your way to soft, smooth feet.
  • Removes short hair (form 0.5mm) ,so you can use it even as soon as one say after shaving.

  • Selectable, two-speed operation to accommodate different hair types.
  • Ripple epi-heads design for pain reduction and efficient.
  • Pivoting head function for comfort of use.
  • Light illuminates be convenient for see hairs.
  • Cord and cordless function can be used anytime and anywhere.
  • Removes unwanted hair from legs, face, underarms, bikini line and other sensitive areas.
  • Input :AC110v/220v, 50/60hz
  • Power supply :3w


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