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  • Adjustable temperature 180-230 degree, for valuables or staining,normal.thick and dense hair .
  • LCD display shows the temperature,time.direction of rotation and spray condition, it is humane.
  • Selecting four types of time can be rolled out in four different effects volume.large,medium volume, small volume,there will be automatic voice at the end.
  • Put the hair into the hair machine,the machine will automatically hair inhalation,reaches the set value,it will automatically quit rolled hair,very easy to use.
  • 360° roatating power cord,avoid using the power cord twining.
  • Heat pipe can be plating,painting and other different processes;and tourmaline coated ceramic powder coating,hot days of negative ions can be distributed to make hair soft and smooth.
  • PTC heating elements adopt advanced heating principle,more environmentally friendly
  • Voltage:110-240V/50Hz,Power:25W.

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