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Popular IPL Hair Removal IPL Laser Hair Removal At Home


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  • 60 multitime Flash Lamp
  • IPL is very effective in the treatment of various types of hyperpigmentation such as scars, freckles, and senile plaques Compared with other laser treatments,
  • IPL treatment produces less crusting, so you can make up or wash your face on the day of treatment.
  • PRINCIPLE IPL photon hair removal using a specific wavelength of light penetrating the epidermis, direct dermis layer selectively abosrbed by melanin in the hair folicle,
  • hair follicles absorb a large number of photons to generate heat, the temperature rises rapidly, the hair follicle damage to surrounding tissue and the photon absorption is not
  • damaged, hair in a short period of time to slow growth or even a full stop to achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal, and restore the original skin elasticity, eliminate or
    reduce wrinkles, shrink pores, Improve skin quality, skin color, and tighten skin.

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